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Domain Registration - Will can register a domain for you on a tier basis. Either registered for a general use website, or for a heavy use website.


Hosting - We can host your site again on a tiered basis, this ranges from a generic web presence up to a heavy usage site (such as social networking site). A web presence would require a smaller hosting service than a company that is predominantly web based and relies on selling items through the web. We will host your site accordingly to allow you to save as much money as possible.


Design - All our designs are custom designed for the client. The design is unique to your business, we look at your company and products and make a design based on what we see. Our designs are not taken from existing template designs found on the web as these do not reflect your company profile.


Email - With the domain registration comes emails specific to your domain, so can be yours. As well as this we can set up emails for any colleagues you require. These emails are accessible at work and at home. And if required you can set your email up on your mobile phone.


Email Backup - With the addition of various 'free' email services online such as google and yahoo we setup a, for example, google account where all your emails are duplicated to this account. This provides a backup of all your received emails accessible from anywhere should the need arise.




All our prices are custom made for our clients, it's worth us having a meeting to best quote projects so we can better understand what is required.
We are UK based and don't use any third parties abroad for any coding.



With the added benefit that the content on the site is editable by you at any time, from anywhere. We custom designe everything we provide for our clients.




We provide Search Engine Optimisation packages ranging from just £150.00 per month where we can guide you through doing the work mainly yourself until your comfortable with it up to £1000.00 per month where we can target a time and date to get you listed in a more prominent position.

We must stress that we cannot give any guarantees on Search Engine Positions, but we will advise before any work is carried out accordingly.


All prices are based on a yearly quotation with payments to be paid monthly or yearly (depending on the amount of days in the month). First payment to be made upfront.


Any additional requirements are charged on a quotation basis so contact us for options and prices, or for us to come out a see what you require.




Additional Services


Already got a domain that is either in dispute, or just dormant, let us know as a large amount of our business is sorting out lost or disputed domains with previous designers or setup companies.


Not listed as high as you want? We have various SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques that can help you to increase your listings and draw more people to your site.



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Design Details


All unique artwork created from designs of the web sites can be made available to clients for further use. Designs are usually in a combination of Photoshop and/or Illustrator Files. The originals are made available.