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 About CCG Online Services


Specialising in giving companies a web presence we found we were able to concentrate on what companies need rather than selling services they would never use.


As well as sorting out domain name registration we would also create a custom website design (not taken from existing online designs but a custom design based on your company and products) and set up email for as many people as necessary in the company to access.


Access to email can be from anywhere (work and home and even on mobile devices). We even setup a backup email utilising free email systems available on line, thus allowing a backup email system with no additional charge and that is easily accessible.


We found that providing these services for a setup fee and then a monthly maintenance charge was the best way to keep our clients happy and to allow them a contact should any problems arise with emails, receiving emails or if any of their clients should ask any questions they are not sure of in terms of receiving files, ftp access or any other services they require.


For more details on price please see our services section.


CCG Other Services


Mailing - CCG Mailing provides a cost effective and managed solution for all your Mailing needs. From a simple letter mailer to a complex direct mail campaign with full phone, fax, email and web feedback we can manage and control it all.

Printing - Our print services range from the simple to the extreme - from single colour overprinting to four colour plus special pantone gloss laminated brochures in digital or traditional lithographic print.


Design - From time to time we all have an idea that we want to put on paper.

Whether it's a new logo or leaflet, our in-house design studio has all the latest hardware and software needed to turnaround great graphics from the most basic of briefs.